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Message posted by JoenTX on August 01, 2011 at 20:11:28 PST:

Require a 4wd? No. To get on top of the hill you need a vehicle with ground clearance but not necessarily 4wd. I drove up on it in a late model Ford F-150 2wd without any trouble. A regular passenger car will not do it without damage if you were to make it.

There is no "fire pit" there as of 2008. Don't recall every hearing of one being there either. There were remnants of a campfire (thus the name) on top and also slightly down the northern slope......ya know, ashes and scorches on the ground and the remains of scattered rocks used to ring the fire ala a cowboy camp fire.

In fact, spending some hours just sitting atop the hill was one of the more enjoyable parts of my one and only visit to the place. You can clearly see and watch the Cammies from their overlook (do have field glasses or a range scope to aid you) and you clearly observe all the traffic through the valley. Just sit and soak it all in. It's only 60 years of history and internet mythology and cultural iconism all wrapped up into a neat little piece of sparse real estate.

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