Re: Anyone recognize patterns in Janet flights?

Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 22, 2011 at 18:29:14 PST:

Thanks. KTNX being the ICAO code for Tonopah Test Range Airport (TNX in FAA speak), KTKM the radio license for Groom Lake. The offset fix from BTY VOR is also clear, but is not at Groom Lake (Silly Government Games?). Groom Lake VOR (MCY) would seem the logical checkpoint.

The shift in destination frequency seems logical given the reduction in activity at the Beyond Flight Aware I have seen reference to actual com intercepts by persons on this forum. I assumed that some were monitoring the actual flights from time to time.

I see that Groom Lake has an ILS. Given that small (fighter, UAV, sized) stealth aircraft are quite detectable on A-Band radar has anyone thought of trying OTH back-scatter detection using an ILS receiver and a really good antenna?

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