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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 21, 2011 at 18:57:18 PST:

NASA TV has always had a bit of a 'control centric' viewpoint.

The S turn before approach showed that they were bleeding off a bit of extra energy before entering the pattern. Anyone who was taught power off landings long ago could recognize the method, never turn away from the landing point yet seek to burn off the necessary energy/altitude (what is the difference).

I was amused at how politely control jogged the memory of the crew about a few switch settings.

Over 50 years ago I remember the father of Steve Bales telling us that the first few 'capsules' would be ballistic, but after a decade or so there would finally be a 'space ship' which would glide back to earth. He was an operator at the Langely wind tunnel and had been testing the shapes and vehicles.

Steve's grandfather, Mr. Withers, had flown DH-4s in WWI. At that time WWI seemed closer than we could ever land on the moon. As it turned out WWI was 40 years away and landing on the moon only 11.

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