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Message posted by quellish on July 16, 2011 at 15:37:13 PST:

The hangar has been discussed here many, many times.

There is not anything at Groom that points toward an LTA being used there in the last 10+ years. There is no infrastructure to support the quantities of lifting gas required for even a small LTA.

UAV operations are distributed across the western test ranges. Yucca Lake houses a very active UAV program. Groom undoubtedly has hosted UAV programs recently, but has *definitely* continued to support major manned aircraft flight test programs.

Many of the facilities at Groom were in need of work, and operations at the base have grown at an increasing pace in the last decade. The building binge was at least partially an attempt to stay ahead of coming growth.

If there was a major increase in UAV operations at Groom, they might have spent some of that time building some ground control stations :P

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