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Message posted by greatguess on July 15, 2011 at 20:36:58 PST:

i see this slightly different than Mark Lincoln. This is a series of pictures of the same plane - even the air force could not make the radome of a series of planes seem to smoothly rotate by synchronizing their motion somehow. during the duration of a takeoff and climb of let's say 45 seconds to a minute one thing i am sure of is that the sun won't move much across the sky so let's just say it doesn't move for the fun of it. let's also assume the earth is flat which it is for all practical purposes in oklahoma over a couple of miles. a large aircraft usually doesn't make hard turns immediately after takeoff so let's assume it keeps the same heading after liftoff for all the images of it. static sun, static aircraft heading, flat earth would leave the only variable the angle from which the satellite views the activity and therefore what terrain the aircraft appears over in the image. the only way the shadow could remain where it does with respect to the runway is if the event occurred with the sun directly over the heading line of the aircaft which appears to be due south. based on the above we should be able to calculate the look angle of the satellite that took the pictures on the given day at the sun's azmith which i believe would be 1pm cdt. or we could simply ask google what the hell is going on with this image.....

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