Re: New commander calls Dugway post a dream come true

Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 14, 2011 at 21:43:20 PST:

An Interesting article.

I love the part about " the mishap with local sheep was exaggerated." A lot of nerve gas, VX, had been deposited upwind of sheep herds in civilian areas and proceeded to exterminate those sheep - footage of the final spasms of dying animals made the nightly news. The public outrage cause the Nixon administration to officially terminate America's chemical and biological warfare programs.

""I had no idea that this place was such a hidden treasure," King told some 250 Army and civilian employees, along with area dignitaries."

Was this guy being a total idiot? Or are we seeing something I have witnessed going back to the Eisenhower Defense Cuts of the 1950s?

That is when everyone, and every program, goes public in an attempt to save their funding.

We may expect similar 'disclosures' about Groom Lake and programs there.

The old slogan, going back to the days when the US Navy - and many local congressmen - kept monitors under construction at the end of the Civil War until they rotted on the ship ways was 'don't give up the ship.'

Expect the budget struggles of the next decade to lead to the revelation of many programs currently funded with roles at Groom Lake.

What will be interesting are the few which do not need to try and rally the public to save themselves.

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