Google Earth Tinker AFB

Message posted by Rick on July 14, 2011 at 11:56:18 PST:

While on a trip out west this week, I passed by Tinker AFB in OK City and took a drive around the base. As a major maintenance base, there was lots of aircraft. Later I checked out the base from up above on Google Earth and saw something I had never seen before: in the image, there is an E-3 Sentry which appears a total of seven times taking off from the east runway north to south. You can see the aircraft on the runway and then rising, with the shadow of the plane on the ground appearing each time as it gets higher into the air. Kind of cool! I did not know that stop action motion imaging could occur of a moving object in a single fixed satelite image. I have seen images of aircraft taking off before with the shadow of the plane appearing on the ground below - but never the same plane seen multiple times in the same image as it was traveling through the air!


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