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Message posted by Gimbal on July 14, 2011 at 3:25:32 PST:

Mars does not suck. There is a strong possibility of finding past or present life there. No NASA mission past present or future is planned to look for it only to explore the possibility and conditions that would support life.

Someone somewhere does not want this world to know we are not unique and that we are not alone.

Mars Exploration Rovers cost each US citizen $0.01

A manned mission is at least 30 years away, it is the only way to find life because humans think and react, robots do not.

The ISS and a constantly over budget NASA has closed the show. Orion is a return to 60's design. ESA and other organisations are racing ahead because there is money in space if you get it right, NASA has not done that for a while.

Private companies will show the way because they have to worry about budget and time lines.

The words "we have found life" may well be in Chinese.

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