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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on July 11, 2011 at 6:33:15 PST:

This is where we part company. I think the utter failure of social programs that we have preferentially funded since the sixties are the useless expenditure compared to the funding of highly technical aerospace programs that have been reduced and pared back to almost nothing.

Sure we have less and less aircraft and high-tech companies because our national focus has been on trying our best to eliminate poverty, joblessness and despair at the lowest levels. Where has that got us? Honestly has the trillions we dumped down that rabbit hole produced any results? We sacrificed our nation's hi-tech edge (save Area 51 and other black ops projects) and now have multi-generational welfare families expert in living off the system with no intent in personla betterment, job training or getting off welfare.

I'd rather have a manned space program based on emotions such as hope, progress and pride rather than paying for another generation of single parent families with many kids to ensure the maximum amount of income from the government.

We spent a trillion dollars on "shovel ready" projects while over 3,000 highly trained NASA engineers and technicians are put out of work. Maybe like Mao's China or Pol Pot's Cambodia they can be "re-educated" to plant rice in the fields!

No, our space program was killed because it benefited only educated and professional Americans and the excuse was made the money could be better spent on medicare, medicade and Social Security. How did that work out?

That to has been proven to be a folly. I really would have liked to have seen us reach for Mars after Apollo. We might not have gotten there, but at least we would not be the shadow of a technological giant that we could have been. We have empowered our former enemies, now having to thumb rides with the Russians and the Chinese will occupy Space in 2020 after we shut down the ISS.

So what will America have? Another generation of welfare families crying for more and more tax money to buy cell phones, computers and Ipads; all descendents of America'a biggest and noteworthy scientific endeavor, the admittedly emotional and silly race.


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