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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 10, 2011 at 21:26:32 PST:

What is going on now at 'Area 51'? "Groom Lake", aka 'the ranch.' aka 'area 51' was not always so 'secret.' As Peter Merlin has pointed out, it NEVER WAS a secret. It became more 'secret' as part of the insanity of the Reagan administration which also made 'secret' many encyclopedia articles of the 1970s. Then, the very long runway known to all airline pilots crossing the southwest somehow became a home to aliens and flying saucers.

What IS going on at Groom Lake now. I follow this forum for information. The continuation of 'Janet' flights seem to confirm what anyone with a protractor, pencil, and map could have deduced by drawing lines between Charleston peak, LA, and Edwards in the late 50s could have concluded.

The STS is old, and failed history. The U-2 is still flying, in a very developed form. A-12/SR-71 are long gone to the museums.

The F-117 is gone. Bird of Prey and Shamu are revealed. Indeed, we probably are on the verge of a plethora of revelations as people try to save their programs in the current budget crisis.

What do you 'Area 51' watchers think is underway there now?

What capabilities does it have that nowhere else has.?

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