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I really think this area might be a hotspot for Weapons School BFM sorties. At least for F-15s and F-16s anyways. You just need to go during the right time of the course. It makes sense to keep a small area exercise like this kind of tucked out of the way of everything else and away from all the air to ground ranges since they do not need them. Also this area is closer to Nellis than most other areas so they can spend a just little more gas/time fighting and less just flying to and from the range. More bang for the buck. Also being closer to Nellis is advantageous if there is an inflight emergency. And BFM does put alot of stress on the jets. Lots of turning and burning.

The first F-15 flight i missed entierly as i was still driving. The second took forever to find the freq they were on and i spent as much time tending to the scanners as i did taking video. All the scanner chatter in the video is just a random mishmash of stuff until 6:17 when i finally found them. The third F-15 flight was already fighting aways off to the north and moved south more to my area when the second flight left.
I now claim only 1 F-16 flight for certain. There is nothing in my notes or audio recordings indicating more than one. Either i remermbed it wrong or it is possible that i made a wrong selection on my sansa fuze and did not save a recording. Not that it mattered much, they were almost invisible. If they hadn't of dropped some flares i probably wouldn't of gotten any video of them.

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