Weapons School BFM in the Elgin work area

Message posted by Paul on July 09, 2011 at 20:26:05 PST:

Going on my assumption that most of the BFM occurs in the earliest part of Weapons School, I decided to make a trip to the Elgin work area on Friday. I drove about 9 miles north on Meadow Valley Wash Road from 168. Stopped at 3648'39.48"N 11439'10.59"W i think.
Think there were 3 flights of f-15s and 3 flights of F-16s that day. All of them used squadron interflight freqs to fight on. I only heard two flights go through the check-in process. The other flights apparently checked-in while the previous flight was just finishing and exiting the range. Both the check-ins i heard were on blackjack 377.8. One said they would work in Elgin on a freq which i didn't hear anything on and the other flight just said up as fragged. I didn't hear anything on 357.1 which i have on my list as a primary working freq for Elgin. Perhaps 357.1 is mainly for larger area ACM. Neither flight mentioned the Rox. Monsoonal moisture made the wingtip vortices visible at times which was a big help. The F-15s were cool to watch. The F-16s were almost impossible to see even when the sound was almost directly overhead. Very frustrating. I got about 15 minutes of video. This minute is probably my favorite.

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