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Message posted by Gregos on July 01, 2011 at 10:23:44 PST:

Here you go. Double check them in Google Earth as I no longer use my GPS going this way as I have the route in my "photogenic" memory! ;-) I believe the only dodgy part is around Waypoint 3. It's a wadi with some soft sand. A rubicon should plow thru it without a problem but I always carry a $10 shovel with me just in case and I have a HUMMER H3. $10 bucks or a 20 mile hike. No brainer there! At waypoint 6, if you continue straight, it will take you up to the antennas overlooking Alamo. You definitely need a 4WD for that but it's worth a few minute detour just for the view. I posted the photo of Alamo's airstrip, L92, from there on Ok let me know if you need any other info...

W1 37 22.343N, 115 10.551W Alamo Rd
W2 37 22.348N, 115 10.788W Gate
W3 37 23.345N, 115 14.951W Left at Intersection
W4 37 23.508N, 115 16.432W Gate
W5 37 23.331N, 115 16.717W Rusty Water Tank
W6 37 22.505N, 115 16.125W Y in Road Keep Right
W7 37 18.903N, 115 17.827W Intersection End (Right to Tikaboo)

Attached link: L92 Airstrip

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