Re: RAF Machrihanish - Handed Back To MoD in 1995?

Message posted by Mark Lincoln on June 16, 2011 at 6:04:55 PST:

MOD Machrihanish is in caretaker status. It is now Campbeltown Airport, with airlines service. The USN interest in RAF Machrihanish was related to the Greenland, Iceland, UK anti-submarine barrier. It was, for a while, a nuclear weapons storage site for nuclear weapons and depth charges. It was also the base of a SEAL unit. Machrihanish was a Vulcan dispersal site, and being on the route from Iceland was excellently sited to act as a emergency field and for shorter ranged aircraft crossing the atlantic.

RAF Macrihanish was never anything like Area 51, just a well situated airport with a few classified activities.

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