Volunteering to shoot updated panorama

Message posted by topeye on June 16, 2011 at 3:33:10 PST:

I've been meaning to make the trek up Tikaboo for years. I have outstanding photo gear that would be very useful for shooting an updated panorama of the site. It's been a while since Paul Wilson shot his extraordinary pano back in '08 and I think we need some fresh, ground-level shots. In combination with a new satellite group buy, we'd have lots of fresh detail to analyze.

I live in Las Vegas so can schedule this trip anytime. But, hoped to get some feedback and detail from you guys before I go.

1. Do you have specifics on what gear Paul Wilson shot with? Also what time of day and general notes about how he shot the panorama?

2. I understand it gets very hot up there soon, or possibly even already. Heat distortion at that range is a big problem. Did I already miss the window and is it better to wait out now until after the summer?

3. Any "guides" interested in making the trek with me so I can keep focused on getting the shots?

Thanks all in advance.

Attached link: Paul Wilson 2008 Panorama


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