Re: O/T What plane did I see yesterday???

Message posted by Sedalia Mike on December 20, 2001 at 7:52:50 PST:

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who replied to my question about a bubble-headed 707. I looked at Zipper and Gary's links to pictures and I think that E6b "Looking Glass" airplane must have been what it was (I plan to look at what a JSTARS plane looks like also). Maybe Peoria was a nice distance away from Tinker to go spend a day flying around and practicing at an airport that isn't too busy but has too big runways? In the past the planes that visit have been the Canadian Snowbirds, a tanker several times, a 707 w/o the bubble, and C9 Nightengale hospital planes from Scott in St. Louis. Sometimes the Guard F-16s from Springfield will come visit to wake everybody up. In the summer the EAA "Aluminum Overcast" B-17 sometimes visits Peoria which is cool but I'm really waiting for a B1 or B52 to show up some afternoon (have no idea why they would but it'd be awesome!). Thanks again!


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