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Message posted by Paul on June 11, 2011 at 13:14:47 PST:

Overall Fallon is pretty much hit and miss. I think the best you can do is to keep an eye on the Fallon notams and watch for extended hours for the airfield and see if the SUA map also shows range time going with those extended hours. Doing this can help you find especially active times like when a carrier air wing is there for Strike University or whatever they call it now. Power Projection? If you make a trip to the range complex area i think the best thing to do is monitor all 4 bombing ranges and see if one is active with something you might want to see. If so, then just hope that they keep using the range for the rest of the day when you get there. Bring lots of good luck lol. Most of the stuff dropped and shot is enert. Top Gun exercises will often have ACM comms on the range freq with the blue forces fighting their way into the range and just make a single pass with small practice bombs with a smoke change in them. You see a few little white puffs and that's it lol. Dropping high explosive stuff all day on one range is not very common at all i think. I think this was a visiting marine squadron doing the CAS exercise in the video.
The Harrier video was taken on Bagdad road around 3434'17.48"N 11552'39.57"W. Again this is not typical activity. Normally there is nothing to see out here. This appeared to be a squadron from the east cost on a training detachment.
The SR-71 was long retired by the time i started taking video. The first video at Beale was taken only in the last couple or years or so.
I got fairly close to Lemoore just once. Close enough that the jets in the pattern were almost overhead. Most of my time around there has been further away but still under the MOAs.

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