Recent NTTR scanner audio

Message posted by Paul on June 09, 2011 at 21:42:02 PST:

Part 1. Mixed Bag. By far mostly Weapons School Red Air and Transports going in and out of
Tonopah Test (Silverbow). A few others also went in and out of Silverbow. Money flights (all
transports?) and a few other types on Groom approach/departure "CONTROL". Some flight test stuff and
just a little bit of air refueling on AR-625 (outside of the NTTR). What sounds like mostly
Weapons school Blue air exercise is at the end of this part. Caliente, Revielle, Elgin, Coyote
71N, EC west, EC south, 4809A, 71S and EC east and the Sally Corridor are mentioned and are shown
on the Range map

Part 2. Focus on Area 51 Tower and app/dep "CONTROL". Alot is very weak and hard to understand. Mostly Janet flights (Tudor) and other transports (Money) flights.
The helos Itchy 25 and 35 were heard dropping "Balls" in the WTR and sounds like Itchy 25 had to make a medivac flight.

Click on the whatchamadoodle to expand the video description to get more details.

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