Re: Area 51 smoke cloud in Google Maps

Message posted by greatguess on June 09, 2011 at 12:48:43 PST:

Interesting "cloud". The "cloud" in question has some unique qualities about it that make it look different than a normal "cloud". First is the color - this "cloud" has a distinct blue tint that no other clouds in the area have. It is very isolated where most desert "clouds" i am familiar with travel in packs. In the NW corner of the "cloud" it's color changes to more of a dark, "boiling" appearance. I have never seen the smoke from an aircraft crash from above but it sure wouldn't suprise me if something is burning under the NW corner of this "cloud". Do we have anybody who follows this discussion forum with a weather background that might comment? I would be quite interested. Perhaps i am just overly suspicious.....

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