Re: Equipment needed for overnight at Tikaboo

Message posted by delarochej on June 08, 2011 at 12:33:43 PST:

My son Marcus was up on Tikaboo a couple weeks ago (he has been there before) and was amazed to find his AT&T cell phone worked. He had also been surprised to find it worked in Alamo, has to be a new tower there.

I am retired radio engineer (telephone co., microwave), I am pretty much line-of-sight not omni. but that little hand held omni couldn't be more than a hundred mW, incredible that it might have a range of 11 miles. You cant see Alamo from Tikaboo, mountain in the way.

He did mention that some of the 'I sure am alone out here in the wilderness' aura of Tikaboo is lost when you can pull out your cell phone and check for messages.

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