Peter Merlin on the History Channel's "How the States Got their Shapes"

Message posted by George on June 07, 2011 at 19:13:43 PST:

Peter Merlin played a pretty significant role in "How the States Got their Shapes'" episode entitled "Living on the Edge" on the History Channel this evening at 10 PM EDT (it re-airs at 2 AM EDT on Wednesday).

For a show that's about the story of geography shaping history, not military topics per se, the show did a great job of explaining how the NTTR and BLM came to be without any spooky stuff. Just simple, straightforward stuff and Peter being Peter, which, as we know, means being professional and courteous and getting praised for traversing in reality.

We've had two TV programs in a month talk about Area 51 with Mr. Merlin's consultation and come off like there are sane people doing interesting things with advanced technology out there. Pretty cool stuff.


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