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Message posted by Gregos on June 07, 2011 at 18:10:47 PST:

Hi Ken,

I camped up on the summit last August. It was very hot in the day, so I opted for a sunset climb. Depending on the shape you are in and how much stuff you are hauling up, give yourself 2 to 3 hours to climb. I also chose to climb up later so I didn't have to sit up there all afternoon with not a whole lot to do. My mission was to snap a panorama in the early morning hours before the sun heated up the atmosphere. I got to the summit well after dark and it was still very warm. I had a small kid's tent I got at Wal*Mart for $20 bucks, perfect for 1 person. I also had a fleece sleeping bag $5 dollars and a sponge sleeping pad. About another $5 bucks, all from Wal*Mart. I slept on the pad under the stars and didn't even bother setting up the tent. I was very comfortable until around 5 am when I woke up kind of chilly. I just pulled the tent material over me and I was fine. I also wrapped my camera and spotting scope in my Under Armour thermals for the trip up and had them for the morning. By about 6:30 am the sun was up and I was cooking and stripped all the thermals off! Check the week forecast before you head up but in July it should be mild.

Water is the key, however. I carried four 1.5 liters up, leaving one along the trail for the trip down. I finished them all by the end of the hike! So be warned.

For more of my trip visit the Trip Report Section to the left. Birthday Hike August, 2010. I hope this helps and have a great trip!


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