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I have suggested a book before and agree there is plenty to write about on the Area but also other Bases where Secret Aircraft are developed or are currently being developed.

Also instead of cameo roles in these documentaries a fully dedicated show could be pitched looking at the History of Edwards, WPAFB, Tonopah etc as well.

There is no harm throwing in a few bits on where technology might be going, an educated guess is of no harm especially if proved right 10 years later. UAV/UCAV's are to be doubled in the USAF another great area to explore and talk about and how future defence might look, what tactics, the risks etc.

I am still new here and spent several hours reading all the content on offer and it was extremely interesting, there is a whole World out there unaware of this site and the plethora of facts and info contained.

Also one that could be quite spicey is to do a show on why there is no chance of Alien technology being used. At the end of the day we eventually got to see a U2, SR71 and F117a but still no Flying Saucers.

Go for it I say, you have done the leg work and are 25 years ahead.

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