Re: Nightline Report on Area 51 & Jacobsen Reporting

Message posted by dannywho on May 27, 2011 at 19:51:10 PST:

Agreed, I happened to catch the Nightline show as it rolled and was just yelling, yeah Bill, thank you. I now after talking with my sources know much more about the source for Mrs. Jacobsen. All I can say is what I was thinking from the beginning of this farce, is that she took this course to get her payday, that the basic story wasn't enough, I mean, look at all the publicity she has attracted, look at the number of users on-line here at dreamland resort. There is no way in Hades that her book without this incredible story would ever have achieved this much press or discussion.

I have always had much respect for ABC News, and now they just earned points well into the future, not only because i have been a fan of their style or of the many friends who have worked for the network. When Bill Weir almost fell off his chair during the second interview with Annie Jacobsen I almost burst out laughing again. To see a journalist saying that your source is "well, not quite right", and not be able to contain himself from the answers he was receiving, was, well, "Priceless".

For Bill Weir to check out her source is the utmost in trying to double check her story. And the debunking of her source, when Bill Weir asked her, her response was "well, I'm not sure its my job to prove it", and continuing on with basically saying that she was just the messenger!, duh.

Simply unbelievable, and Kudos and High Praise to the ABC Nightline expose, and those who participated in it.

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