Weapons School BFM at the "Rocks" and the "Farms"

Message posted by Paul on May 27, 2011 at 15:35:31 PST:

Has anyone been out at the areas the pilots call the "Rocks" or the "Farms" when the BFM phase of Weapons School is in high gear and if so
can they provide the approximate center locations of these two areas and the date range of this phase?
Some years ago i was on 168 Northwest of Moapa somewhere around 3645'57.97"N 11447'12.85"W i think.
From there i watched F-15s and F-16s do BFM in the Rocks off to the east and northeast all day although they were only visible about 10 to 20 percent of the time.
Occasionally they got pretty close. Flights going to and from the Farms would pass overhead. The Sally corridor was apparently just off to the west.
I think this was in August. It was hot, muggy and cloudy. This was definately not the ME phase of Weapons School.
Flights for the Rocks would check-in on 357.1. F-15s would stay on 357.1 to fight and F-16s would go to
a VHF squadron freq to fight but would still monitor 357.1 i guess. Flights for the Farms i think checked-in
on 268.2 with F-15s staying on 268.2 to fight and F-16s going to a VHF squadron freq. Just to be clear on what
type of flying i'm talking about, i included a video of BFM in southern Oregon with 3000 and 6000 foot separation setups. This
is basically what was going at the Rocks and the Farms all day. BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) does not require a a very large area and
the Rocks and the Farms seemed to be desinged for this.

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