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I forgot to mention in the below post from the other thread, that I had planned months ago to be in Washington, D.C. for Mrs. Jacobsens' presentation at the International Spy Museum. Well, I couldn't be there due to work, and I so now wish I had. I can only hope that I run across her at some point and can honestly ask her some straight questions.

I agree heavily with Steve Douglass about letting the publisher, "Little, Brown and Company", know that Annie Jacobsen has dishonored, disgusted and slapped the face of those who so thought that this project was above board and full of promise.

So, for those who want the info:
Hachette Book Group is the conglomerate name that owns
Little, Brown and Company.
Their main phone number in New York is: 212-364-1200
Their main fax number in New York is: 212-364-0926

237 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10017

for emails: address them to;

with attention to:

Michael Pietsch
Executive Vice President and Publisher of Little, Brown & Adult Trade Division, Hachette Book Group USA

Be polite and tell Mr. Pietsch the true facts, and I mean
lets do the fact checking, send them the corrections.
Also let him know about some of Mrs. Jacobsen's past dalliances with the facts.

Come on team, if this is not the time and place to show her boss first, and them through other media, that this book is a sham at best, then no one else will do it.


Well, maybe all were had by her, I had listened to the NPR show and was saying, I know most of this already, duh. And then the "stuff" at the end, well, I'm just sitting there and going wtf!!! OK, I may not be from Mars but I do believe in Missouri, so show me, and I've been listening and learning and driving and looking and reading about all these things and events and places for over 30+ years and I only, and I mean only mean I don't start to say, yeah that's possible until I have run into the story a few times and in different places, like, a reporter at a newspaper does, like his editor says, do you have corroboration!
I just hope T.D. doesn't pop a vein. Be well all Roadrunners and Habu.

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