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Message posted by Mark Lincoln on May 17, 2011 at 7:58:21 PST:

The 'Roswell Incident' involved a train of rubber balloons used in early Project Mogul flights. Later they switched to polyethelene balloons which were also contributors to the growing 'Roswell' myth. Widespread use of plastic balloons did not start until the early 1950s with Skyhook, Popeye. and Genetrix. Plastic balloons were used in drop tests of dummies to test parachutes in the mid-1950s in Project High Dive flown out of Holloman. She is correct in asserting that the US government found UFOs a good deception for classified projects including early balloon intel programs and later the Aquatone, Oxcart and other projects. Perhaps the last and most egregious example was a program to make spot night time landings with balloon payloads orchestrated by Duke Gildenberg in the 1980s in southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico which were the source of the 'black helicopter' tales which the USAF enhanced by a few cattle mutilations.

Too bad he author went so far into fantasy land, a good book on Groom Lake is needed.

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