Re: Red Flag 02-3

Message posted by gary on December 16, 2001 at 18:27:31 PST:

Make sure you have a spot reserved on the NTS tour. They fill up very quickly.

I think the coincidence of a flag and NTS tour is not very often, at least it never happened for me, so if you really can only do a week, I'd go for the Feb visit and get one less day of red flag.

What you could do is stay in Vegas on the holiday and then be at Nellis to watch/photograph the planes leaving in the AM the next day. If you do it right, you could do the Janet terminal spy game as well since the Janet planes are all gone pretty early. You could leave the Tropicana (ask for Island tower facing the airport) by 8:15AM and only miss one Janet plane take off, then park at Nellis. I think the plane start to leave there around 9:15AM or so for the flag exercises.

The last time I was there for Red Flag, it seemed like less activity was occuring in Rachel and more was occuring near Indian Springs.

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