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Message posted by greatguess on May 16, 2011 at 11:26:53 PST:

i live about three miles north of the runway at plant 42 and have for 30 years. i have lived here from the b1 days until now and heard (and felt the vibrations from) many large aircraft takeoffs and engine runs from there. the sound this morning was not one i have heard before - it wasn't a b1, b2, c17, c5, etc. it was something else (new to me) but for sure multi-engined. usually when a secret is to be kept they takeoff to the east where the population is least dense; they also tend to takeoff on near a new moon between midnight and 0400 or so. tomorrow is a full moon so it's not prudent to try to hide a takeoff while the moon is up; the moon set today at 0456 while the sunrise was at 0548. that would make the best time to hide something today to be right after moon set - whatever it was took off at 0502. perhaps a schedule forced them to take a risk and takeoff today instead of waiting two weeks or so for a new moon. based on my experience of 30 years i suspect something took off from plant 42 today that they didn't want anyone to see.
hope that helps.

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