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Message posted by Ron on May 15, 2011 at 17:20:09 PST:

I don't think full Have Quick II use is authorized in the US--to include the Nellis ranges. Since HQ II hops randomly there is a risk of landing on an active ATC frequency. During my time at Hill, the pilots never used full HQ, just something called a T-net (training net I think) that approximated HQ. The only time we used HQ was during deployments (Southern Watch) which caused two problems. First pilots weren't initially accustomed to using HQ (and if necessary the secure mode in addition) and the radio equipment hadn't been/could be ops checked until the jets arrived and were headed into Iraq... The quality of HQ/secure comms was surprisingly clear but slightly muddied.

I would not surprised if a special limited access quasi-full HQ mode does exist and is used by the classified programs using the Nellis ranges but use during the flags is not likely.

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