Re: cars at Plant 42

Message posted by greatguess on May 15, 2011 at 15:35:54 PST:

i didn't find out what was going on. i went over there within about 10 minutes and there were no cars there at all. i got there at about 0810 so whatever it was had ended and everyone had scattered. a couple of guesses: 1. there is a meeting everyonce in a while of the folks that frequent the place. or... since there is a flag there they must raise and lower it so perhaps it was the saturday posting of the colors which happened before i got there. if anyone knows it would be interesting to see what brought the 6-8 cars reported there to that place at that time.
you can see a picture of the place if you use google and search for "bj's corner plant 42" and go to the images tab - it is the picture with the flagpole tilted over with a telephone pole (not tilted) in the picture next to it.

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