Re: Guided Mortars being tested at Yuma

Message posted by Roadeye on May 06, 2011 at 9:18:31 PST:

So long as we're talking logistics though,
don't we have to factor this into the equation?
The more technology and sophistication enter into the picture, in addition to the higher cost of the weapons, don't we have to seriously consider the additional time and education it takes to manufacture them?
Ships, aircraft, and especially the ultra high tech weapons will never again be able to be turned out at the rates they were during World War two.
Nor will the people needed to manufacture them be able to be trained as quickly.
So could that not leave future combatants in a kind of "come as you are war" situation as more and more countries in the world move toward "one shot, one kill" tactics?
Will they not all resort to using whatever they have left in the arsenals, including nukes etc. should a resolution to the conflict, whatever it may be, not be found once the high tech toys are all gone?
If so, how long will that take in say a skirmish between China and The United States?
Because of the new high tech weaponry, is it not logical to think that we could possibly see truly "serious" conflicts escalate at a rate never before witnessed in human history?

Just a question folks.
What do you think?

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