Bin Laden's House and NTS...

Message posted by Brian L on May 02, 2011 at 10:41:55 PST:

ABC is reporting that the raid on Abbotabad was carried out by "Seal Team Six" (the old name for what is now DevGru, or Development Group, the elite SEAL unit based at Little Creek, VA. Apparently DevGru flew in from Afghanistan in 2x MH-47 Chinooks and raided the compound, while CIA was responsible for providing overwatch on the ground. 1x of the Chinooks was damaged and had to be abandoned. The other Chinook flew OBL's body back to Afghanistan where it was immediately flown to USS Carl Vinson in the Arabian Sea for burial. Despite all the talk of "Islamic ritual", it sounds like a standard burial at sea: the body was washed, wrapped in a white shroud and then slid from a platform into the sea.

ABC also says that "Seal Team Six" (read DEVGRU) built a mockup of OBL's 3x story house "somewhere in the United States" and rehearsed the assault multiple times. I wonder if a Google Map search in satellite mode of the area around Little Creek, VA or even the NTS might reveal such a structure. IIRC, JSOC has used NTS for practice on occasion?

Any ideas?


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