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Message posted by Richard on December 13, 2001 at 15:40:56 PST:

Thats quite a good guess but there are better more trainable caves elsewhere, more so to simulate the caves in Afghanistan.

Also, there is so much intelligence on most of the caves in afghanistan already, enough to go on and see whats going on...enough to mount an operation.

The British SAS spent a few years in the country helping to build some of the caves during the russian occupation, helping the mujahadeen fighters, they also tought the fighters how to attack armoured columns the most efficient way...a way that the russians soon found out to be devastating...
This is why the SAS were some of the first in the country...months before the initial attacks broke out.
They were also the first teams to operate in the Tora Bora cave complex while under heavy bombardment from B-52s aswell...and they are still there, along with Delta Force and quite possibly the 427th seeking out the last fighters in the caves.


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