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Message posted by Griffon_314 on April 28, 2011 at 7:16:52 PST:

A few thoughts:

Looking at the historical images, it's clear this facility was related to LTA work as far back as 1998.

Expansion is evident over the summer of 2005, adding ramp space and the 5000' runway 01/19. So whatever Lockheed was working on there, it was no longer exclusively vertical takeoff/landing.

The turning radius / taxiway margins indicate a relatively small vehicle - wingspan not greater than 20 feet, probably much less.

By 2006 construction of the new hangars and ramp space is evident. A paved parking lot, better site drainage, and perhaps a buried fuel tank, can be seen taking shape.

The "new" 2009 image shows completed parking for about 30 vehicles, the two tall masts that Joerg pointed out, and a total of five distinct hangar spaces.

1) In the large hangar with the clamshell door.

2) At the opposite end of the same hangar.

3 & 4) Two 'medium' sized hangars facing the same ramp the clamshell exits onto.

5) The older hangar dating back to the 1998 image - the tallest of the five.

There are also 4 smaller buildings connected to the main hangar via sheltered conduits, purpose unknown (support equipment?).

Taxi marking turn radii seems to indicate a much smaller vehicle in #2, than in #1,3,4. Taxiway margins have not been increased, so wingspan is not large.

The absence of a 'scoot-and-hide' shelter near the runway is interesting.

The circular security fence surrounding the facility appears to have remained unchanged since the 1990's, although the entrance gate may show an upgrade circa 2005.

Black Eagle Consulting out of Reno lists the Yucca runway as one of their completed projects.

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