Re: What is a Delta space/aircraft?

Message posted by OldThudMan~!!~ on April 17, 2011 at 19:12:04 PST:

The last aircraft shown wasn't really that high up.........Could have been a B-1B or and airliner for that matter.........If real at all.
Too, the nightvision view went from a big screen to a small screen.......Not sure the significance of that, but it just don't seem right to me.......

There are many, many space objects orbiting earth,including the Space Station, occasional Shuttle,IIRC the X-37B is up there now and was up there before for along period of time.....

I don't get too excited by these UFOer's...They exaggerate greatly, to put it mildly......As in this guy's case he assigns shapes to orbiting objects that are mere lights.

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