Re: Shuttle Dedication LIve now on NASA TV

Message posted by RoadKill on April 15, 2011 at 10:20:47 PST:

Y'all are missing the logic used by NASA. The locations have almost nothing to do with any part of the Shuttle program. There might be some minor contributing industries at the locations, but none of great individual significance. If you look at the locations, they're all MAJOR tourist spots. They simply put the spacecraft at locations that are likely to have the greatest exposure in terms of the number of visitors.

As for putting the spacecraft in NYC and DC, you have to understand the mindset of the populace of those locations. Unlike California and much of the midwest and west, folks in the upper I95 corridor don't travel as far away from home. Folks in NYC are not likely to travel to DC just to see the Shuttle. Same for folks in DC, they just won't go to NYC to see the spacecraft, despite the relatively short distance. To the populace there, the two cities are worlds apart.

It seems there was no emotion put into the equation, unlike the SR71/A12 outside CIA HQ.

If there were four more shuttles, I'm sure they would have put them at Dayton, Houston, and KSC. The fourth would be a tough decision.


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