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Message posted by Gregos on April 09, 2011 at 15:54:51 PST:

Primm is right on the line for KLAS Terminal Control Area. I doubt anyone is super sonic there. Shoshone MOA is just to the west. I actually used to live in the Primmadonna Hotel & Casino in 1990 as a stagehand. I used to ride my dirt bike out in the desert around Needles & Jean. That was in the hayday of the F-117A. I never heard any sonic booms out there, but my buddy had a story he rode his dirt bike over a hill to met a row of soldiers who told him to turn a 180 and get the &$#@ out of here. We all knew about Groom Lake back then but just never went out to it. I was only 21 years old with a broken down pick up truck. I'd be dead on the freeway.

Oh, I know the F-117 is not super sonic and if you are affiliated with Jethro Tull, I changed the words to "Farm on the Freeway!" So na na na nanna!

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