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Message posted by Gregos on April 05, 2011 at 23:04:03 PST:

Photo of the campsite at the Powerlines Overlook May 2007

You'll have no problem in the Rubicon. There is a steep hill as you get real close to the Powerline Overlook. That's the worse part of the road. You might have to get out from time to time around there to throw some 1 foot diameter rocks off your path, but that's about it. My On*Star works great there. Which I believe is Verizon based cellular. So if you got a Verizon phone you should be golden. If you're going to camp there, it is a large clearing but very rocky. Take an air mattress unless you like a bad back. Lol. Use common sense and you'll be fine in most places near Area 51. Have fun!

Hope this helps...

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