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Much appreciated, some great suggestions and Girlfriend permitting, I'll try and see as many as possible.

A static Vulcan is a tempting thought! That beast was what initially sparked my interest in aircraft. My parents still live in the house I grew up in which is located ~300m from end of the runway of what is now the Airbus wing manufacuring facility at Broughton in North Wales / UK. Back in the 80'S British Aerospace owned the factory and ran a half decent an airshow there every summer. The factory had some wartime pedigree (they set a record by building a wellington bomber in less than 24 hr's) and also a display mosquito was based there until the 90's I believe.

I was quite excited about all this every summer, particularly if the red arrows were attending, however as the airshow passed I'd move on to other stuff.... Until the year the I first encountered the Vulcan

Not sure of the year but I think it was pre-falklands. My Dad had taken my Sister and I to have a look at the jigs that he worked, on building what he referred to as "the anus" of the BAe 125 buisness jet. My sister got bored so we were walking back home to drop my Sister with Mum and get a good spot to watch the red arrows smoke and head on passes. Our house is on a quite narrow street so the view of the sky is limited. We were right outside when, without warning a massive triangle, looking like rodan out of godzilla loomed oved our head moving at what seemed to be an impossibly slow speed. the noise was like a screaming dinosaur and when the pilot stood the plane on it's tail directly over our house! I stopped hearing the sound and just felt it, the vibration in my chest was increadible I thought my heart might stop, my Sister stared to cry and the jetwash blew some slates of the roof and bent the TV antenna. After it had gone Me and dad fell over laughing.

I've never seen a Vulcan since, although one did a fly past at the airbus factory open day last summer, My dad said the pilot was a bit more gentle with the flying relic than that cold war pilot was when he broke our TV! (incidentally my sister, always 2 steps ahead later admitted she cried because when she saw the antenna benD she knew that she wouldn't be able to watch monkey magic, her favourite TV show).

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