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Maybe one of you Californians can make a comment on the current condition of Highway 99, I took Interstate 5 after it was built. (These roads go north/south down the central valley of California.)

Anyway off of highway 99 in the town of Atwater there is a closed Air Force base (Castle). Near the base there is a museum which has a pretty good selection of the military aircraft past and present. Most of it is Air Force, but from the satelite view, I can see a couple of Navy aircraft, a Mig, a British Vulcan and some type of Canadian aircraft (CF-100?). There is also a B-36 which is pretty rare for displays if memory serves me correctly. The GE coordinates are:
3722'01.69"N and 12034'44.95"W

If you continue south on Highway 99 you would come to the town of Bakersfield where you would cut over to Mojave and Edwards AFB.

Californians, I haven't lived in CA. for ten years so please correct me if I need to update my hard drive (memories).

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