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Message posted by Gregos on March 25, 2011 at 17:20:20 PST:

I may be able to do you one better. The last time I climbed Tikaboo Peak, I wanted to do a Point of View video of the trip. I never completed the project because of two reasons. (A) By the time I got there, as you can see, The sun was setting. By the time I climbed the hill to the "False Summit," it was completely dark. I guess I could have gone to Nightshot? Oh now I think of it! (B) While driving, I was not looking thru the View Finder (obviously). I was shooting video thru my Canon Powershot to save weight. The camera cut off and I didn't know it. The next trip up (Maybe in early May) I plan to document the whole Trip from HWY 93 to Summit in a point of view format. Maybe...

Anyway, here is the video from my HUMMERCAM™ Starting at about the 4WD Rd & Normal Route Intersection. 37° 18.908'N / 115° 17.819'W

Sorry it's in Raw format (it's only 3 1/2 minutes of your life so quit complaining) but I hope it helps...


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