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Message posted by RickB on March 24, 2011 at 14:26:27 PST:

Ok, thanks to Zipper and Hankman I think I have this figured out.

Offseason: always at Creech and can be most any time of day, sometimes multiple times, and can be different groups and numbers of jets. Then one final offseason practice show over Nellis in March for the base Commander before departing for the first performance. This year that final practice over Nellis would have been last week before departing for the first airshow March 19/20 at Luke.

I assume these offseason practices are always Monday through Friday with weekends off.

Inseason: always at Creech with the exception of the practice shows over Nellis immediately prior to the final show of the year at Nellis in November. The practice times would be once a day mid-to-late afternoon to match the air show times (normally as the featured and last of the air show performers).

I assume during inseason, Mondays are the off day, with practices at Creech on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, before departing for the air show performances each week on Thursdays.

Sorry for getting a little wordy with all of this....... just trying to figure this out so I can try to plan my trips accordingly.



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