OT - Hitler's Stealth Fighter

Message posted by Gregos on March 22, 2011 at 17:47:44 PST:

I can't remember if I posted this the last time it was on. But a few years back the National Geographic Channel had Northrop Grumman near LAX build a full size replica of the Nazi Horten 229 aircraft. Then they trucked it out to the Tejon RCS Facility to put it up on the pole. Very interesting. Cool model building by Northrop Grumman. And a good look into how RADAR Cross Sections are done. Definitely worth a watch.

BTW, It now hangs in the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

3/23 Direct TV Channel 101 @ 5:00pm
3/23 National Geographic Channel #239 @ 5:00am

3/26 Direct TV Channel 101 @ 9:00pm
3/26 National Geographic Channel #239 @ 9:00am

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