Should Arab Airforces participate in Red Flag?

Message posted by Gimbal on March 22, 2011 at 2:40:29 PST:

Listening and watching the situation in Libya unfold as we all are, straw polls among other Arab States are mixed regarding UN involvement. Where as the opposition people of Libya pleaded for us to help but members of the public in other Arab nations say it is wrong for such intervention from "The West".

Several GCC Countries have also backed the action and have large modern airforces capable of defending airspace and knocking out tanks and armoured vehicles. However they are not taking part as they have no experience in co-ordinated attacks involving several nations.
Saudi Arabia in particular is about to increase its Airforce significantly with F15's no doubt because of the threat emerging in Iran. Jordan, Qatar and the UAE all have modern jets that can hold their own in a fight.

Such involvement in this type of operation would quell these opinions that foreigners are once again invading Arab/Muslim Countries despite their cries for help. It would be interesting to see what these dissenters would do if instead of their formers leaders stepping down hit them with a high tech army and psychopathic snipers.

Perhaps they have in the past but has the time come to invite some of these Arab Nations to participate in Red Flag excercises? And be seen to be part of a joint attack.


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