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Message posted by greatguess on March 17, 2011 at 15:44:30 PST:

the new taxi lines are very interesting. if you assume they are there for actual use and not just for the satellite they may tell us something. the line to the south of the hangar has not appreciably moved; if you assume the wingspan is 15-20' less than the width of the hangar door, the wing will not hang out past the concrete ramp edge. on the west side of the hangar the line has significantly moved toward the hangar and the outer wingtip would remain over the paved ramp area if you use the same sizing criterea as above. the radius of the turns also has changed for some reason. the way the lines are drawn now (especially with the "interchange" on the north side) would lead me to believe they only have one air vehicle and are using the hangar in a pull through mode from north to south. what i don't get is why they left a portion of the old taxi line intact on the northwest side of the hangar when they obviously went to great lengths to remove all traces of the old line elsewhere; maybe they were caught mid task and that is now also gone. there is very little tire marking of the concrete so they don't drag the beast around a lot outside which makes sense. it will be very interesting to see our new pictures when we get them. we should thank google earth for giving us a snapshot in time a year after our 2009 picture and a year before (i hope) our 2011 picture; a few more frames and we can make a movie....

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