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Message posted by Gregos on March 16, 2011 at 12:17:30 PST:

Funny you should mention it as it was already done. Well, not the Mickey D's but the fake aircraft. I attended the 2009 Roadrunners Reunion at the Atomic Testing Museum. During the Panel Discussion, the story came up of a Soviet spy satellite was due to fly overhead. They said they knew it was an Infrared job too. So the guys said they constructed a fake airplane out on the runway and placed those blow torch type heaters like you see in Hangers under the wings to give it that nice heat bloom! They said they imagined the Ruskies spent a lot of time and money investigating the mystery aircraft. All along it was just boxes and crates and a little yankee ingenuity! That story really stuck out in my mind. I know C-Span recorded the Panel Discussion and I imagine T.D. Barnes has a copy. If the entire session is available, it was really worth the hour or so to watch it. Those guys are truly Nation Treasures and should be put in the Smithsonian!

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