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Message posted by Michael on March 14, 2011 at 12:04:07 PST:

4:40pm: Workers board the bus inside Area 51. Bus takes off on Groom Lake Road towards the Guard Shack
4:48pm: Bus passes the barrier at the Guard Shack
4:50pm: Leaves the perimeter by the signs on Groom Lake Road
5:05pm: Gets onto Hwy. 375, at intersection with Groom Lake Road
5:18pm: Drops off workers under the trees at the Y-intersection of Hwy. 318 and 375 at Crystal Springs. About 10 to 12 workers exit the bus, get into their private vehicles, which are parked under the trees during the day, and head home. There are usually four cars parked here: Two head north on Hwy. 318 towards Hiko, and two head north on US-93 towards Caliente and Pioche. The bus continues east to the intersection with US-93
5:20pm: Intersects with US-93, continues towards Alamo
5:25pm: Stops just south of the "R"-Place station in Ash Springs. More workers get out, and into their own vehicles. The bus continues south.
5:30pm: Turns right in Alamo, right behind the Chevron gas station. Continues straight for three blocks, then turns left and parks in front of the Alamo Court House/Town Hall, where the rest of the workers get out. The bus stays there over night and on weekends.

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