Re: Some extra airspace was needed last night

Message posted by Roadeye on March 11, 2011 at 3:35:57 PST:

No Joerg doesn't need anyone to defend him here.
If you read my first post you will see that I clearly stated I believed what he and Paul posted.
What I said was I was going to be watching with interest to see what the OTHER people were going to say.
And there are many here...if the original posts had not come from Joerg who would have acted in a very different manner.
It's these people that I'm starting to have questions about.
And again, some of them hold some pretty impressive military or former military credentials.
That makes me curious.
Why would anyone with a security clearance either from a former military job or a present one, or a civilian worker who's had access to an outsourced contractor on sensitive government projects be posting here?
Why would their employers, past or present, allow them to?
There is a pattern here, one that appears on a fairly regular basis.
Someone posts a question about what could be a new military aircraft or some strange activity he may have witnessed or heard about (not about UFOs).
It's greeted, not with other questions to flush out more information but, with questions or statements that are very hostile or sarcastic in tone.
The person responds...the moderators step in.
Then someone with a former government or civilian contractor's set of credentials steps in and settles the argument once and for all.
And the poster goes away often more confused about what he saw or is asking about than he was when he came here looking for information.
It repeats itself over and over again.
Curious behavior for "researchers" don't you think?
But it sure limits the topics of discussion here and keeps them comfortable and on topic.
"On topic" being posts about stuff that has been available in books or recently unclassified government documents.
When it comes to building and road construction however...I have to say this place is wide open.
So far nobody's tried to put the lid on that.
Just my two cents...and a little more food for thought.

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