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Message posted by Steve Douglass on March 10, 2011 at 20:31:24 PST:

If a real video inside Area 51 was posted on YouTube - the government would do exactly nothing.

First - they don't have the power to take anything off of the internet (that's like trying to take the pee out of the pool) and second - to try and do so would only legitimize and call attention to the video.

They might (through third parties) try and label it as fake - spread disinformation about the legitimacy of the source - but that's doubtful too.

WikiLeaks proved that once something is leaked - it is damn near impossible to unleak it. This frustrated the US and other governments to no end - and frightened them. However, they are also very aware turning off the Internet sparked the protests in Egypt.

The idea that there is some secret agency -MIBs who are on the watch for leaks will abduct you in the middle of the night to silence you or threaten you is a pop culture myth fueled by Hollywood.

That's not to say if you leak classified materials you won't bring a world of legal hurt on your head - but no one has ever (as far as I know) been disappeared.

Sure you'll get a visit from Federal authorities - complete with papers charging you with espionage - and they might even put pressure on YouTube to remove it - but once it did appear - it would be downloaded on thousands of computers soooo fast - that pulling the plug on Youtube would be like locking the barn after the horse has been stolen.

If indeed a video inside was leaked onto the Internet - expect the CIA or FBI to post it for download themselves - as a honeypot - a trap to see who downloads it.

It's a documented fact the CIA did indeed mirror WikILeaks download sites for that very purpose.

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